Prosalud Interamericana Foundation (PSIA) is a 501 C 3 non-profit organization that works to improve sexual and reproductive health in Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. It traces its beginnings to its early initiatives in Venezuela that began in 1993. PSIA is responsible for preventing some 400,000 unwanted pregnancies annually through its educational outreach and provision of contraceptive methods.

PSIA is in the process of implementing a campaign in Chile that seeks to relax the restrictions in obtaining emergency contraception. The campaign includes extensive outreach to gynocologists, midwives, and people working in pharmacies.

The above groups are often indifferent to the project’s objectives, in order for the goals of the campaign to be more effectively communicated and ultimately, supported, PSIA is coupling the imformation component with a “by invitation only” event. PSIA believes that a concert is an affordable option to attract these groups.

To have the desired impact, a band needs to be brought from outside of Chile to heighten interest. PSIA has contracted the New York/Paris based band Circular Time to play two performances, one for 5,000 people, the other for 250 people.

PSIA selected Circular Time after i personally heard them in Paris and New York. Their shows were among the best that I have heard in years. Moreover, the promotion of a band that frequently plays in New York, Paris and Morocco will enhance the interest to attend their concerts. Offering a full range of styles, including blues, R&B, rock and reggae, the band appeals to most musical tastes and to audiences of diverse ranges of age. PSIA is counting on the Circular Time concerts to be an important component of this project.

Circular Time was recently contracted to play at a UNESCO function in Paris. As one of the strategic partners for the Chilean project is the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), selecting a band already accepted by another U.N. agency greatly facilitated their approval of this component of the project.  French