Circular Time is a tight, blues, cross-over band—with a powerful horn section- that performs blues, jazz, funk, zydeco, afro-pop, reggae, soca, and classic rock. The core part of the group has been together since 1998. They can move from a hard-edged blues, a beat, a transition, to a soca that might incorporate a dash of samba, or merengue, followed by a funk, or an original house/afro-pop, to a Coltrane, or a Albert King ballad or a Herbie Hancock. Circular Time has over 50 originals and 125 covers and plays in festivals, in stadiums, in hotel events, and in theatres. Additionally, at Unesco/United Nations and at an American Embassy in North Africa. Also, they work in the community, giving shows for abandoned children in Tetouan, Morocco, and in Paris for League of Cancer for France, amongst others. Circular Time can perform with anywhere from 5-9 musicians. French